Our Story

What gives Bengal’s cuisine a spicy tweak is its unique bunch of snacks. It’s hard to find any home without a jar of snacks in Bengal. The love for this crunchy affair got a perfect spicy finish, decades ago, with the entry of Chandra family with Mukharochak.

The Chandras with their roots in Kolkata mastered the art of recreating Chanachur, one of the oldest items in the history of snacks. The popularity of this snack grew fast with the magic combination of the best spices and farm-fresh ingredients. Mr.Nirmalendu Chandra laid the foundation of Mukharochak and it marked the beginning of an evergreen relationship between the Bengali tastebuds and the expert snack-makers.

Mukharochak - Factory in Kolkata

With unbeatable recipes and superb quality, Mukharochak rose to huge popularity and with time it became synonymous to Chanachur. The conquest of million hearts got a new pace as Mr. Pranab Chandra carried forward the rich legacy of the brand with some revolutionary changes. Instead of restricting to only one particular type,Mukharochakoffered varierty in flavours of chanachur and also introduced other snack items and even sweets.

The snack scenario just kept itself evolving with time. The introduction of high-end machines, smarter processing units took the manufacturing practice to the next level with the commitment to satiate every foodie soul. This dedication was perhaps the only secret behind the glorious rule of sixtyfive years which is still continuing with pride. Innovative spice mixes and exceptional skills blended with a strong desire to grow, led to the creation of an array of snacks, each with individual flavour and taste.

A vast spread of six acres gated property with first class hygiene standard, advanced manufacturing sector with updated packaging technology enhanced Mukharochak brand’s credibility and stake. Itturned an ISO 9001:2015 & 22000:2018 certified company.A production capacity of about 10 tons per day cementedMukharochak’s place in the market as an undisputed leader and the most trusted snacks brand.

Mukharochak - High end Manufacturing Machines

Whether it be a small shelf at your local grocery shop or a plush shopping mall, Mukharochak is up there with all its varieties of snack items. Inspired with the growing popularity of the brand, Mukharochak plans a Pan-India distribution and beyond. At present you can pick your favourite brand item with just a click as Mukharochak is available on all leading online portals. That’s a remarkable step towards cracking into the overseas market.

The winning team of consumer’s trust and the brand’s tireless effort to cater the best to its customers paved the way towards a promising future for Mukharochak---it’s a long way to go!

Mukharochak - Woman Holding Sweet & Sour Chanachur
Owner Speaks

"Deep down in my heart I have always believed that success is a journey and not a destination. The journey of Mukharochak began 70 years ago and is continuing since for which I thank all the positive forces around me and Mukharochak which made this journey possible. The secret of this long and successful journey is dedication to one's brand that does the magic. Everything that we use in production makes it wholesomely healthy and hygienically processed. Our strict policy of avoiding preservatives and colours in our products is a rare example of treating customer's health and taste as sacrosanct."

Mukharochak - CEO Pranab Chandra
Pranab Chandra - Owner