Straight from the kitchen of mothers and grannys Mukharochak brings this snack with the pinch of their signature spice mix. With dexterous tricks the brand gives the traditional home-made flavour to this snack even while catering to the mass. Keeping profitability aside, these Nimki’s base shape are always hand-made, hence each Nimki is solid and utterly crispy and full of flavour. Keeping its purity intact we keep it away fromany artificial colour, flavour, preservative or chemical & 0% cholesterol and trans-fat.


These spice-packed, savoury namkeen cubes are a sheer surprise package! This is an ideal substitute for salty biscuits. Experience the riot of flavours enriched with the sweet, salt and a little dash of spice. Chowkhas are the right picks if you are with your evening tea. Like all our snacks it has no artificial colour, flavour, preservatives or chemical & 0% cholesterol and trans-fat.