Ghee Soan Papdi

The most traditional soanpapdi prepared with pure ghee and dotted with finest nuts and other ingredients. A must-try item as it is, never grows old with time.

Elaichi Soan Papdi

A slightly lighter version of Soan Papdi with a mild taste blended with cardamom, giving it an extra ordinary aromatic taste. Infused with dry fruits, this soan papdi is a favourite for those who love the sober side of life.

Chocolate Soan Papdi

For the one who loves to change the taste and doesn’t think twice to break rules, Chocolate Soan Papdi is the best pick. Made with finest ingredients and touched with the premium chocolate, this delicacy is perfect as gift as well.


Tender, juicy and that eternal taste of pure cottage cheese in every bite—that’s the real taste of Bengal. Mukharochak brings to you a travel-friendly pack of sponge Roshogolla made from pure cow milk and finest sugar. Enjoy the taste of tradition.

Gulab Jamun

A soft & fluffy traditional sweet made with the best quality khoya and ghee offers an oozing delicious sweetness. The fried balls are enriched with superb quality sugar syrup and infused with the aromatic Indian spices.