The Mukharochak Story

The chanachur in a small bowl, or an accompaniment with tea or craving for it at odd hours of the day, has been a ritual for ages and the essence of this delectable journey is felt when the delicate balance between taste and health comes together to create that sera swad.

Mukharochak has been instrumental when it came to revolutionise the snack habit of the Bengalis. 70 years later, the story of taste continues to be the same. And it’s time, we tell the story not only to the Bengalis but to the world. A story that revolves around a bag full of nostalgia, a story that describes a perfect taste.

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Freshness In Every Bites

With a tradition of enticing the taste buds for seven decades, the empire of Mukharochak enjoys a legacy of authentic taste. The secret behind Mukharochak’s captivating taste is the brand’s tireless effort to cater the best combination of farm-fresh ingredients, selected spices and hygienic preparation. Each product is free from preservatives and is enriched with the goodness of ayurveda. No other snack brand promises this unique concoction of health and taste. With an exclusive range of varied snack items, Mukharochak also has an attractive collection of sweets as well. Innovation in flavours, perfection in preparation, purity in quality have made Mukharochak synonymous to savouries for generations.

Image containing packets of salty chanachur, mirchi jhal chanachur, special papri chanachur, and sweet & sour chanachur
Premium Chanachur
Image containing packets of 7pm premium chanachur, khatta mitha chanachur, and 100% love
Tiffin Snacks
Image containing packets of nimbu mixture, chaal bhaja, chira bhaja, masala muri, and diet chiwra
Tea Snacks
Image containing packets of chowkhas namkeen, and nimki
Ethnic Snacks
Image containing packets of aloo bhujia, jeera gathia, and  bhujia namkeen
Cocktail Snacks
Image containing packets of kabuli chana, moongdal, dhania peanuts, hing jeera peanuts, salted peanuts, royal cashew nut, and hing jeera chana masala
Image containing packets of ghee soan papdi, elaichi soan papdi, chocolate soan papdi, rosogolla, and gulab jamun

The Art of Preparation


Traditional frying method at the semi-automated production unit under the supervision of specialized chefs.


Mixing is done in most hygienic manner using selected spices. Sorting & grinding of the spices are done in the factory itself


Packaging of the products is done in fully automated modernized hi-tech plant in 4 layered nitrogen filled packs.


From the hi-tech plant of the company the products are sent to various parts of the state as well as the country.

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Mukharochak opened their new outlet at Metropoliton near Byepass Dhaba. Singer Raghab Chatterjee visited on the day of Inauguration and tasted the wide range of lip smacking sweets. #newoutlet #sweets #mishti

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